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Find the shifts that fit your life, work as often as you want, and create a nursing career that doesn’t make you choose between your paycheck and your personal life. Pick up single shifts or schedule a block of shifts, get paid right after you work, and manage your credentials, all with our easy-to-use app.

  • 3500+ Compliant Staff
  • Operating All Over Northern Ireland
  • 10k+ hours of Care Delivered
  • Available 24/7
Built to Reduce Agency Costs for Nursing Homes & Hospitals

Xpress Health focusses on delivering your staffing requirements at the lowest possible costs. We use our technology driven solution to reduce all admin costs incurred and we pass the savings onto you.

You will be able to control your agency spend by being able to see the number of Nurses or Carers (HCA) shifts booked by your Nursing Home/Hospital and you also be able to request/cancel/amend shifts as per your liking without any costs. The portal will also allow you to see all the compliance documents of staff members working at your location. Xpress Health does not allow any staff member to work on shifts, if their compliance levels aren’t 100%.

You will be able too book shifts last minute via the client portal and our teams will be working on it straight away! With more than 3500+ Nurses & Carers (HCAs) working with Xpress Health, We will be able to fill your shifts in minutes.

XPRESS HEALTH - Your trusted healthcare partner.

At Xpress Health, our mission is crystal clear: we’re dedicated to providing top-tier staffing solutions at unmatched affordability. Wondering how we achieve this feat? We have harnessed the incredible power of technology to slash administrative expenses and, most importantly, we pass those incredible savings straight on to you.

Imagine our user-friendly portal as your personal control center. It’s like you’re in the driver’s seat, with all the vital information right at your fingertips. Keep an eye on the shifts booked for your Nurses and HCAs at your Nursing Home or Hospital with effortless ease. You can request, cancel, or modify shifts whenever it suits you, and here’s the best part – it won’t cost you a dime! What’s more, our portal grants you access to essential compliance documents for your staff, ensuring that each team member upholds the highest standards of excellence. We take compliance very seriously, so you don’t have to!

Ever found yourself needing a shift filled pronto? Well, you’re in luck! Our client portal allows for those last-minute bookings, and our dedicated teams spring into action faster than a superhero. With a network of over 700+ Nurses and HCAs, we’re primed and ready to fill your shifts in the blink of an eye.

Prepare to step into the future of healthcare staffing with XPRESS HEALTH, where quality and affordability meet harmoniously. It’s an experience like no other.

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Xpress Health is the best agency out there now. They pay on time, plenty of shifts. Highly recommend it!Xpress Health has truly made a difference in our healthcare facility. Their dedication to filling shifts promptly and their emphasis on compliance have been impressive. We couldn’t be happier.


I’ve had an excellent experience with Xpress Health. Their extensive list of shifts in Belfast has been a blessing, and their team is always ready to assist.



What can I say…. Xpress is a life changing. Am not over exaggerating, including their customer service. All is very impressive. I will continue working with them as long as am still in this sector. Join Xpress today and see the difference.



Good place to work. They have excellent working relationship with their staff coupled with their good rates.