Healthcare Organisation

○Xpress Health works with over 700+Nurses, Carers and Support workers who can instantly pick up the available shifts.

○We have a 98% fill rate for all the shifts you send us!

○Our dedicated booking team is available 24/7, 365 days a year, ready to support your requirements for late-night shifts.

○Harness the power of our AI-based technology to cut agency costs and fill shifts within minutes,guaranteeing seamless staffing solutions.

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    Xpress Management App

    Our clients have the flexibility to access and adjust shifts easily using the Xpress Health app on mobile and desktop. They can effectively manage their expenses and agency usage. Our app also lets you review staffs booked and authorize timesheets. Healthcare managers benefit from this comprehensive solution, saving them valuable time.

    Last Minute Shifts!

    Our bookings team is here to assist you round the clock, reachable via email at [email protected] or by phone at 0 2890134555. Feel free to send us your last-minute shift requests, and we will promptly find suitable replacements.

    Elevating Quality Staffing

    Our meticulous recruitment process includes thorough checks, AccessNI, and full compliance with RQIA guidelines. This ensures that the staff we offer are not only skilled but also meet the highest regulatory benchmarks.

    Cost Efficient

    Our effective staffing solutions streamline resource allocation, resulting in reduced costs and improved operational efficiency. We prioritize resource optimization to ensure maximum cost savings and operational effectiveness for our clients.

    Guaranteed Satisfaction, Without a Doubt!

    At Xpress Health, we partner with over 700 healthcare professionals across Northern Ireland and collaborate with 250 healthcare organisations. Every county has a dedicated local area manager ready to provide support, including on-site assistance when required. Ensuring client satisfaction remains our paramount commitment, a promise we uphold at Xpress Health.